seems i'm getting out of control . feels like i'm running out of soul . i'm seeing lights . so i speaking right and breathing life . i predicted all my recent plights . i'm exhausted . trying to fall asleep . i'm lost inside my recent fight . it burdens on my shoulder, now . burning all my motors down . inspiration drying up . motivation slowing down . tired of all wardrobe changing . playing all these different spirits . living off these separate souls . point of life is getting hollow . can't wait for the exit hole . give me room to entry wound . let me in or let me go .

Dec 20, 2010

my heaven at nyte~

baru perasan baju haky sama kaler dgn tmpt tdur aq.. :D
dats my color! haha.. suka plak..
feelin' like haky was always there 4 me in every nyte.. in every sleep of mine.. i hope dat it will always remain there beside me.. 

Dec 14, 2010

my favorite ice-cream

mix of this 2 chocolate n strawberry sundae cup

Trophy,chocolate flavor

Oreo McFlurry

Paddlepop Rainbow

BR choc oreo, oreo cookies n cream & Jamoca oreo

ice cream is gud 4 the soul sometimes... :)

this man..

do i ever cross ur mind, any time?
do eu ever wake up reaching out for me?
how i wish dat eu would say....

i mish eu so much
i feel i wanna hold eu, wanna tell eu dat i miss eu so damn much :'(


Dec 13, 2010

i dun really like my new hair colour

few pictures showing my brown hair.. actually the color was red, n afta 1 wash, the color run down n it turns 2 brown-like. *sigh~

i want my black hair back!

Dec 12, 2010

my first day on practical

my 1st day on L.I.. we had arrived around 9a.m, been waiting 4 the person who's in charge 2 conduct us on dat day, zieqa n farisha also come along together with me to do L.I at the same place, after a moment, Puan Rozi as an admin executive was arrived n let us come along with her 2 the office. At the first sight, i can see dat she had a very nice attitude, n i feel pleasure 2 be led by her.
     At 1st, she let us introduce ourself one by one followed by an agreement letter 2 be sign. afta dat, we've been introduced 2 the General Manager named Mr. Rajah. we sat abt 15 minutes in his room 2 hear some briefing from him, abt the company, abt WW, a bit history abt WW, abt our duty, wut we're suppose n not 2 do, he dun want us 2 be treat as a cheap laborer,yah~ i loved his professional thinking :) , he also told us abt the allowance, the departments n also abt the uniform wearing. Then, En. Nasir ( operation executive ) was led us around the WW 2 know the entire area of the WW n also knowing other staffs.
     Neverthless, Mr. Rajah (boss) has giving us the first task/project 2 be done on diz month which is a "questionaire", n the 2nd task is a monthly report.. our working hour starting from 10a.m till 7p.m, so boring~ but yesterday, our working schedule has been changed to (9a.m till 6p.m), we are allowed 2 off just on tuesday~
i'm wearing scarf okay!! hey look at me.. haha

so today is my 12th day on practical.. usually, at the morning, i'm on duty 2 make a direct phone call to make an offer to the potential clients, record the information from the speak person, then fax the documents to ppl who inneed, n lastly, i hv 2 key in all the data collected into the companies lappy, n submit it 2 Puan Sahun ( sales&marketing executive ) i used 2 make 50 phone calls per day..but its not always working. after break, i hv mke an outdoor job, which distribute the survey form, or we called it as 'questionaire' , our boss targetted us 2 get 150 pieces of Quest~~ per day, n we hv 2 reach untill 2000 by the end of diz month, since it was school holiday~ i did it till 6p.m on everyday~ n we can just stop the project till we had reach the target. n sometimes, i've been required 2 handle the event, so i hv 2 leave my current duty. its also kind of outdoor activities.. i enjoyed doing my work.. haha ~ am i lying? no.. half2~ wallauweyh~ damn tired, when i learned customer services subject when i was in UiTM, i've been taught dat 'customer is always right' but now, i hate the statement~ hahaha.. go figure out. XD

over 7p.m is our 'berjimba time' woot2!!~ but, we did it 4 sometimes only =(
snap on 1 dec 2010, stil on my 1st day working. 

well, regarding 2 all those things, i dun hv much time 2 write a blog.. =(
there's so many things i want 2 touch abt, but it seems 2 be memorize juz in my mind, not 2 express the things here bcause of the lack of time. huu~ its okay anyway, all the best 4 me.. one more, i feel very grateful to God, bcuz i dun hv 2 repeat any paper.. i pass all the subject eventho my pointer is quite falls from the last 2 sem result. its okay anyway, i dun really mind as long as i can carry on my practical training =)

i mish eu my baby handsome

time ney baby aq demam, x bercakap , x berguraw n x senyum langsung pun dgn aq :(
anyway.. kakak hrp baby ok2 jak d ruma, jan nakal2, tgu kakak balik. ily baby <3