seems i'm getting out of control . feels like i'm running out of soul . i'm seeing lights . so i speaking right and breathing life . i predicted all my recent plights . i'm exhausted . trying to fall asleep . i'm lost inside my recent fight . it burdens on my shoulder, now . burning all my motors down . inspiration drying up . motivation slowing down . tired of all wardrobe changing . playing all these different spirits . living off these separate souls . point of life is getting hollow . can't wait for the exit hole . give me room to entry wound . let me in or let me go .

Feb 28, 2011

tidak mau saya

ini top..
ini suami saya
sekarang suami saya dah tak sayang saya mcm dulu.
dia tak mau saya lagi
saya terpaksa buat2 redho
berubah rasa tak apa
berubah hati.. sakit.. ='(

how could eu

how could eu do diz dear..
how could eu leave me here..

blow oh-o-oh~

Feb 26, 2011


this girl was damn awfully loser~ budak baru habis skola memang mcm ni . maybe~
ok.. aq d beritahu yg aqilah ni gado ngan bf dia cakap yang aq, kiki n kwn2 bf dia suma stalk dia, stalk everything psl dia.. wtf?? fb ko pon aq x pnh nak bukak.. cuz eu're not really matter 2 me. but y uh?? dia nak mengade-ngade sgt gado ngan bf dia, dia tuduh2 kitorang stalk dia??? aq betul-betul x faham.. then bf dia ngadu kat aq cakap itulah inilah~ pasal aqilah yang x matang langsung tuh.. kesian bf dia tension~

tapi slameni x penah plak aq api2kan bf dia, x penah suruh dia break ngan aqilah.. aq salu support je dia stay ngn aqilah.. but lately, aqilah da start wat aq rse annoying gle sebab asik wat hal je~ paling bnyk melibatkan aq plak tuh, itu yg aq x suka.. slameni da bnyk kali aq decide nak stay away from bf dia tuh, but aq pkir bf dia.. bknnye bf dia ade wat slh ngan aq, aq knl bf ko dlu kot?

then aq stay fren ngan bf dia, bestie ok..
ok, last week, aq geram so aq post random kt formspring, bkn xnk straight kt wall fs dia, tapi saje nk tgk sape yg mkn cili dia trase pedasnya~ but dia ckp aq cari dia smpai kt formspring? haha come on lah~ i had to post it randomly to all k.. see? org yg mkn cili dh trase pedasnye then mcm biaselah~ mengamuk.. "aqilah ramlee mengamuk" da biase dgr.. kdg2 bnda kcik pon dia melenting :D lolx, org mengamuk skali skale je, tapi budak ni, dia memang hobi dia mengamuk :D klakar lah siak .. *laugh out loud !!

tiba2.. c adik aqilah ramlee ni muncul kat wall fb aq, nice then.. barulah clear sape yg stalk spe..
dia sentuh psl ape yg aq tulis kat blog, even psl aq break ngn bf aq,.. kira actually everything yg aq update kat blog dia tau.. so clear dat she's stalker me. aq mmg saja mention nama bf dia kt blog aq, tiba2 smpai ke pengetahuan dia?? mcm mna dia bleh tau? mstilah sbb dia stalk everything yg aq update kt blog aq rite??
damn it.. dun show ur stupidity bebeh~ aq saja nak tgk spe yg stalk spe.. n finally showing dat dia yang stalk aq.. kan?? see??

then dia maki2 lah kat wall aq blablabla~ x perlu la aq nak pdm kot.. budak2~ layankan je~ kite rilex je~
ok now.. aq da remove bf dia dr my fb.. nak watpe ada relation lagi ngan bf dia, asik mendatangkan mslh je pada dorang kan.. so dats the best way~ :)

igtkan org lain suruh igt tuhan, b4 dat pliz remind urself~ :)
fuck me? fuck lah.. i loike!~ :D
tenkew bebeh~ <3 see ya soOn!~

well, diz is 4 eu babe :) <3


Feb 22, 2011


Sp  lit

             Split down   the middle
      with nowhere   left to go
          a worry driven   life was lost
                   and drives us   forward no more

       But still there stays   a slice of hope
             a promise of   true power
       to rule ones own   life one day
       and not tremble   for forever

                 But to be true   there is a part
                   of all of us   that fears it
                  but if we want   to live our lives
  we must continue   near it

Feb 21, 2011


life is like a beautiful melody~ only the lyrics are messed up

i've been living in hell sometimes. i'm so lost ! messed up!~ i dunno wut 2 do with my life.. lolx!~ i just feel so miserable w/out sum1 special. but i'm trying not 2 cry, i'm trying 2 hold on.. i'm trying 2 calm myself.. i'm trying 2 forget abt eu.. i'm trying 2 smile tho it hurts.. n i'm trying 2 be sum1 else.. uhh??? i did any thing just 2 makes me laugh. laugh n laugh~ i'd just live it up, laugh it out,  n try 2 love every second of it.

every single day i told myself dat i'm fine, i'm gonna be just OKAY~ i'm gonna get thru diz.. i'm not a mess.. i'm strong!~ i can get eu out of my mind!~ but it all was so wrong~ i cant help it. -,-
see? i'm fine~ is the most common lie i made..

just. just wanted 2 say diz.
all my life.. the person dat i loved gone left me.. 
not me who's lying,
not me who's cheating,
not me who's leaving..

just unlucky..i'm not blaming guys~

"inflicting wounds in life wont heal if we urgently put hand aid on it. sometimes we just hab to let it bleed, give it some space for healing, n when we think our wounds are already cleansed, thats the time we can use a band aid for it. i've learned that the more we cover ourself from pain, the more infected we are"

but if eu let it bleed, it may bleed 4 a while eu hide the pain bcuz eu dun want 2 express ur feelings 2 sum1 who is willing 2 listen. Eu cant juz wait 4 the pain 2 mend on its own. Eu hv 2 try 2 fix things n mend the pain urself.. love overcomes pain..


i experienced terrible heartbreaks 4 too many times.. It hurts~ no doubt abt it~ it really does.. anyway, diz same heartbreak appeared again recently in my life, to be exact, it was abt last week, well i broke up with my beloved bf.

some of my frens might hv already known, when it comes abt feelings, especially love, i am strong against other disorders~ especially of my past exes~   i refused 2 fall back 2 them bcuz my love towards my current bf was awfully strong~  n i refused 2 fall 2 certain ppl who hv asking me for being their couple.. so i juz became their so called 'bestfren, bestie or wuteva~ wut else?? i did everything just 2 keep myself faithful. i said, i'll be true, i really do.cuz 'faith', is the only thing i ask myself 2 keep. but wut did i get in return?? go figure out~

within the days dat i was so into depressed~ i had 2 go on9 2 just suddenly stumble n found out abt smething n blablabla~ i was frantic, but wutever it is, it hurt me.. again.. never enuf~ stupidity crushed me.. right now~ its hard 2 get over him.. i am mad n all ~ but i cant stop myself from wanting 2 love him. anyway, i hv decided, i'm going to move on.. i think abt it 4 almost every nite, there's nothing i can do if the other side doesn't feel the same like i do~ i was like a trash~ its like.. i choose 2 turn left when nothing is right, n choose 2 turn right, when there's nothing left.. see? emm

anyway, i hv a lot more 2 talk abt~ but when i think abt it more than twice, it turns to 'better keep it in'..
i'd never blame guys.. guys are always not the same.. its just, when it comes 2 me myself, guys are always suck, then the statement 'guys sucks' were seems to be.

ok, i myself, also suck n stupid~ everybody fool~ i'm a fool, i'm a jerk~ i deserve it all..

so then, lately, i just did anything just 2 make myself happy, help me, i just wanna laugh as well...
please understand me.

incident in office


me :
every1 been bsy~
lawak siakkk!~

ziqa :
like aways..

me :
aq nmpk bos mkn manisan ats meja cik nasir..

ziqa :
sries face in fr0nt 0f rajah..!
me :
hehe. dia tuh pntang nmpk apa2

ziqa :
mmg ade manisan kt c 2 td..

me :
sedap je dia mkn manisan tuh
cik nasir n kak rozi pun x mkn.. haha
biar ats meja jak
rajah je yg lyn~

ziqa :
i think s0 la..
sbb dye taw 2 dr umh kekasih glep dye..

me :
c nasir ntah ke mne je~

ziqa :
ak nmpk td..
c nasir g park..
nk lepak kt gua la 2..
pure2 kuar m0nit0r bdak2..

me :
*geli boleh???
ntah ape2 sume ni
all da fakers around!~ yeuww
hahahaha.. yeah..

ziqa :
all the fffffffffff..
evey1 have their w0rk rite n0w..

me :
me too!~
n eu too
we learned~
from them
dia bwk manisan!~

ziqa :

me :

ziqa :
i d0n't want..!

me :
aq nk muntah!`

ziqa :
h0w can u eat it..!

me :
aq x mkn!~

ziqa :
0h n0..

me :
aq smpn dlm mlut mcm monyet~!

ziqa :
ya allah..

me :
help me!

ziqa :
thr0w it away..!

me :
aq nk g toilet skunk gak !!
ats lidah aq ni

ziqa :
ak da ltak kt celah kelengkang ak..!
ak x sggp p0n nk msukkn lam mulut..
tgn ak p0n bau..!

me :
pure2 cool nak pegi msuk toilet!~
kt dlm aq buang bnde ni dlm mlut ni td,
then trus lap2 pkai tisu wuerkk!!~
sumpah x menahan k rase die
knon2 nk jaga aty bos je trus msuk dlm mlut

ziqa :
ak terkejut gak k0 ms0kkn lam ml0t..
ak nie x sggp walau pun nk msukkn lam mlut..

me :
cool je an muke aq???
bos bla je aq mmg x menahan dh x thn sgt nk kuarkan bnde tuh dr dlm mlut
aq sje nk amek aty bos
geli siakk

ziqa :
ak se nk lari je pas dye bg k0..
ak puas pk perlu x ak wat mcm k0..
tp,mmg kptsnnye ak x sggp..
lak0nan anda hebat..!

me :
yeahh! heybart! hahHHAHAAH!!

konklusinya, jgn kutuk bos masa dia tgh mkn manisan. :D
org tgh sdp2 im ngan ziqa ngumpat bos mkn manisan, tiba2 dia berdiri jalan dlm ofis, hulur manisan kat aq, aq org 1st k yg trima padah! sial~ dan2 aq msuk trus dlm mulut konon nak jaga hati bos. tapi tuhan jela yg tau pasaan aq masa tuh. hahahaa.. bencinyaaaaaa... mcm nak muntah2 kat situ jugak! hish!~

Feb 17, 2011

bimbim sent me diz thru inbox fb


btw, the post date is b4 i went 2 malacca on dat nyte~ hahahahaahahaha... hmm.. i just mish muh old bimbim so.. so.. much T_T

just wishing he'll be happy with his new 1 =')
so dun worry.. i'll be fine, when my life ends, i'll leave diz scar .

satisfaction value~

something 2 be share hahaha...
sronok giler k.. sumpah sronok giler babi hahaha

Ok cmni.. lelaki bleh game pompuan, tp pompuan bleh men game jugak.
bestttttttttttt!!! seyes sonokkkkkk!!!!!!!! :D hahahahahah

last 2 days, i did something crazy, weird n interesting!! hey!

-1st, cntct ngn jiha, jnji ngn jiha nak meet, since rabu aq off.. even pnt pon, tp xkesah sbb nk jmpe jiha.. wow!
-so jiha pick aq kt bp.. then grak pg mlake smule, biar pnt pun. haha
-ok b4 msuk tol pagoh, ada nmpk 2 kete polis tgh berhenti dkt traffic light, dats the time! ;D 
-tkn emergency light, then jln potong trus belok nak msuk tol pagoh.. tiba2 bunyi siren, ok kite rilex dulu, kite rilex je.. cool.. 
-ok kete polis benti dpn 1 , blakang 1. 1st buat muka kesian, then begging ckp nk cepat n blablabla.. its emergency light kot? 
-ok, melawan polis tuh.. then dia bengang, da mnx ic n licence driver. means, jiha la yg kene bg ic n lesen dia.
-ok, polis tuh bg sedikit nsht, hahah~ lelaki~ biase la.. blablabla~~
-then kita suruh dia tlg if nk tlg sgt, if rsau sgt, sruh tlg follow dpn sorg, blakang sorg sampai melaka..
-pastu.. tau pon xnk! hahaha... lelaki.. cakap je lebey.. pemimpin konon~
-b4 tuh kita sempat snap gmbr polis n kete dia.. saja2.. tapi x clear la.. malam.. hahaa.. fon lak hampeh~
-pastu dia bla mcm tuh je, kita pun bla pegi melaka.. but berhenti kat r&r pagoh.. 
-mkn jap.. masa mkn kita sengaja ckp kuat2. kita tau kat meja blakang tuh polis, meja dpn tuh polis, meja sna tuh pon polis.. tengok2.. muka mcm lah aq xtau. hahaha.. 
-then aq tgl jiha kat c2 sbb aq nak pg toilet then smoke kat tmn..
-later then, jiha ngantok n trus pegi msuk tdur dekat surau..
-dari pukul 1 pagi sampai siang aq lepak kat taman mainan  sorang2.. ouh tenang, seriusly~ hahaha
-burung banyak sangat... kalau dlm cerita kartun, kalau dizzy, ada burung2 kat kepala dia, but i feel the real bird around!! hahahahaa... bestt
-pastu aq pegi cari makcik cleaner dekat toilet, aq tnya 'makcik.. kat cni, pagi2, memang ada banyak burung2 eh?? haha
-makcik jwb dgn meriah skali, wow!! haha.. makcik cerita psl burung2 tuh suma.. riuh gamat dlm toilet yg besar tuh.. besttt :D makcik mmg besttt.. saya suka! 
-duin nothing than smoke, smoke n smoke n singing n blablabla kt tmn smpai pagi~ 
-subuh da ramai.. ouh shit, ramai gila mata mata gelap polis.. wow.. suma berpakaian smart, woot2!
-aq dah penat.. dh penat... aq nak msuk surau g jmpe jiha.. still nampak mans lalu lalang, tah bpe kali nak pegi toilet dorang nih xtau la, hehehe.. ckp jela nak awasi. jeng jenggg
-hahahahha otw nak pegi msuk surau, dgn sengaje aq nyanyi kuat2, 'so so wut? -pink~ haha,. bestt
-eh dorang suma pandang muka nak marah je,, rilex arr,, coOl..
-ok, msuk surau, pehh tingkap suma terbukak luas.. eh nampak rmai spy2 kat luar.. ada yng intai celah2 bwh tingkap.. igt tak nampak?? haha sume berlakon.. lelaki2 yg berlakon. buat2 lalu.. buat2 smoke tepi surau... 

mcm2 lagi gelagat.. hahahaha. slagi kita x kuar, slagi tuh dorang ada kat situ.. 
-apsal ramai sgt kt r&r hari biasa? ok.. dah pukul 9 lebih stil rmai org.. come on.. hari rabu k beb..
-hahahaha.. ok, keluar pegi beli air guna duit 50, nk tgk ada duit pecah x.. sampai je kat foodcourt, suma org tgk? wut?? OK aq boleh terus senyum manis :)
-ada sorang lelaki cina berpakain smart, muka serius tgk aq, dia buat apa kat situ? just berdiri tepi kaunter tgk aq? come on la.. berlakon la.. haha.. 
-cashier pon semacam? sibuk tnya , 'dr mlm td kat cni kn?" aq angguk, then dia ckp lg, 'rasenye dari mlm td kat cni kan?',ok then aq jwb, 'mmg lah?' haha.. senyum n bla~.. lg 1, sng lak ada duit pecah, slalunya pagi mne de duit pch~ 
-masuk dlm surau smula.. suruh jiha pegi tukar air.. tgk bole ke x..
-ok, boleh je??? gud then.
-then org yg sama stil berkeliaran~ 'ok, we famous!, kami x hot.. kami cool.. :D
-okay.. kita x payah sorok2 muka.. just lepak2 dekat tingkap yang terbukak luas tuh.. ajar jiha smoke.. if bosan2, snap saja gmbr  diorang yang jaga lama kat luar tuh :D
-yg kelakar, ada pasangan laki bini jalan ke belakang, salam tgn then tgk kat kita dalam surau, aduhh perhatikan jela gelagat semua org ni.. kelakar sangat k!! hahahaha
-kesian... lama kita kat dalam, lama lah dorang kne tunggu kat luar.. kita tulis2 dulu..

makcik yg cerita pasal burung tuh tiba2 masuk sebab nak kemas dalam surau.. tapi muka dia dah lain macam.. tegur pun macam takut.. apeni makcik.. rilex la..
kita cakap kita bosan.. nak tlg kemas bole?? dia x jwb pun.. haha makcik ni x cool la.. td bukan main ramah..

-rilex.. kita main princess2 dulu kat dalam.. touch up sikit.. sonok sangat.. bestt :D
-sambil tuh aq tulis semua ni dlm buku :D , lagi best dr buat daily report yg aq slalu buat tuh hahaha
-dah penat lepak kat dlm.. da puas.. kita keluar.. pliz k, buat muka slumber :)
-skali tgk.. wahh.. ramainye org... suma pandang semacam.. best gila kottt... drama sehhh hahaha.. 
-kita x bodoh.. ini weekdays~ pukul berapa pulakk..

kenapa??? focus.. alert :)

-okay! nak gerak pergi melaka yey! sebelum naik kereta, nampak hilux polis dah ready kat belakang, n kete2 mewah yg lain... cayalah~ terbaekk :D sonokkkk hahaha.
-ok dah start kete, hilux polis da mula grak dgn laju keluar g jln raya, tapi kita berhenti dkt shell tepi tuh, sbb nak cuci cermin kete.. hahaha.. ada taik burung lahh.. kita rilex je.. lap2 dulu..
-jgn igt kita x nmpk ada kete lain tgh ready tgu kat tepi sana,. woot2 :D
-ok lepas tuh, kita grak msuk highway.. rmai siak yg cut line kita.. hebatt.. kita humble je.. lalu lorong kiri.. drive slow ok jiha.. ikut peraturan jalan raya.. haha

-bny kenderaan mewah.. smpai kat melaka.. mcm2 sebenarnya nak ckp psl lakonan dorang ney hahaha..
-tapi penatt... bnyk link owh... hebat... polis di raja malaysia hebat!! maju~ berpotensi.. :) dats wut larh :)
-muka2 yg aq nampak kat hentian pagoh td sampai ke kundang, sampai ke pekan alor gajah..  mcm2 lagak n gaya.. ada jgk yg smpai ke lendu.. merata rata.. oh my god... 
-bestnyee... its was our security.. hahaha

-kita  bwak slow je.. perempuan ni.. kalau kita rilex, kita cool... kalau kita menggelabah.. tuh yg cpt nak bertindak tuh.. arrr.. hahaha
-then lepas pusing2 melaka.. jumpa kete yang sama dari pagoh bnyk kali.. paling kelakar dkt junction. hahaha.. berlakon suma berlakon..

asik nmpak je dorang ni haish :)

-lama2 sampai juga kat lendu, suka2 masuk uitm pakai short.. kaki naik bagi tunjuk mak guard.. :)
bestt sumpah best... hahaha
-still kete spy follow sorang... dari pagoh aq nampak kete tu.. ish3.. hahaha
-trus naik, xde yg kejar? cuma tercengang.
-pusing uitm then keluar balik... hehehehe... cuma melepaskan rindu sekejap :D sonokk
-pastu polis call, ckp psl lisence n ic, kita ckp, bila polis mintak, kita bagi, bila kita nak, kita amek lah nnt?? so wut? hahaa. x pyhla kejar.. curiga?
-then prgi brhenti kat ruma yana.. jumpa dorang... yana gve me a huge hug! homaigod! mish her soO fucking damn much!!!! borak3... then amek slip muet pada yana.. mine, ziqa's  n lyn's..
-lepas tuh polis dh xde... xde spe pon yg aq cam lagi.. jiha dh penattt.. aq drive je pegi mana2... panas sangat cuaca kat melaka.. huhh... 

-game kat ats dah settle.. :D
-best dpt main game dgn raamaiii golongan lelaki :D hahaha

ok... nampak apa aq buat???? mula2 aq gelak dulu puas2...  after that aq nangis puas2.. tapi crta pasal nangis.. will be continue by tomorrow.. gtg. sleepy :D hahahaa

okay!! i'm abt 2 update diz story.. huhu..
-okay masa otw pegi bndr melaka yg xtau arah tujuan tuh.. 
-tiba2 jiha amek brng dlm kete cmpk kat luar. haaha.. wut the hell?? marah?? nice anger hahaha..
-campak fon, campak lagi.. then aq igtkan dia campak fon aq.. masa tuh mmg kepala otak aq dah full. 
-aq x igt mana hp aq.. then dia ckp psl score A.. sah dia gila hahahaa.. dia ckp psl blablabla~
-then aq gduh dgn dia dlm kete.. aq benti tepi jln tenangkan dia. dia xnk, okay fine!
-aq bukak pintu nak keluar, dia tolak aq ouh nasib baik masa dia tolak aq x kene langgar dgn kete or moto kat road yg agak busy n crowded masa tuh.. hahaha
-then aq amek kunci kereta, sbb aq xnk dia bwk.. tkut apa2 jadi bila dia drive out of control~
-so aq keluarkan barang beg aq 2 beg.. aq nak amek barang2 yg dia campak tuh.. tapi x jumpa n x sempat..
-slip muet aq, lin, n zieqa.. terbang melayang2 hahahaha..
-aq sempat tgkp slip lin je.. slip aq ngn ziqa dah terbang like a butterfly... hahahaha..
-seyes road busy.. if aq pegi kejar kertas2 tuh means sama macam budak kecik yang nak pergi dptkan bola kt road tnpa tgk kiri kanan. betul????
-so aq berdiri kat tepi jalan tuh dgn beg aq dgn kertas lin, aq nagis puas2!! sekuat hati! pegi mampos lah sume org tgk pon.. 
-bnyk sgt perkare yg ada dlm otak aq msa tuh.. otak aq serabut, hati aq pon serabut..
-bnyk sgt tringat hal2 yg lama.. especially my past exes..  the person i loved the most..
-my family... my frens.. everything comes 2 mind at dat moment..
-everything messed up!! i cant stop crying..
-aq seret beg pegi nearer petronas.. kat situ jugak aq menangis2 mintak pinjam fon..
-aq bg duit rm10, aq nak pakai fon.. msa tuh no kwn yg aq igt cume no ziqa je.. :'(
-aq call ziqa... just begging ziqa dtg melaka amek aq.. sume org dlm tuh tgk aq.. but xde ape pon yg aq pkir kecwali nak nangis, 2 je.. nak nangis puas2.. 
-tapi ziqa dari bp.. lambat sampai.. so aq suruh ziqa pas no yana.. then aq call yana..
-aq nangis dulu sebab x dpt nak bercakap, then yana tnya knpe n ada mention psl gmbr haki kt fb ngn sexy girl.. ok ada point lg aq nak menangis.. da x bleh nak thn.. sakit sgt T_T
-yana xtau ape2 actually.. bkn slh yana sbb btau aq, then aq suruh yana on9 tlg carikan no ashraf.. sbb ashraf mmg ade kat melaka, tmpt dia..
-tapi ashraf x on9.. aq suruh carikan page band betrayal conflict.. cari no fon bandmate kat wall info..
-at last, dpt jgk no rvda,.. aq call rvda.. tp dia kt s.a.. aq suruh bg no acap..
-pastu call acap x dpt.. :'( mmg bertambah la aq nangis msa tuh..
-lama skit baru dpt call ashraf,., dia tgh keje,, tp aq push suruh amek aq tolong sgt2... ;'C
-then dia cabut dr kerja, aq pun tgu dia sampai kat petronas.. lama gile.. polis pon dh sampai, sbb aq suruh akk petronas call polis sruh dtg amek kwn aq yg unsound tuh..
-pastu polis dtg kat aq, tnya aq mcm2.. aq xnk ckp ape2, aq pening, seyes aq dah serabut gle..
-aq just nak nangis je masa tuh mcm budak kecik yg bodoh.
-polis pon buntu... hahahaahhaaaa!!
-agak lama gak ar kt petronas bodoh tuh.. tgu ashraf sampai.. tapi x sampai2 jgk..
-polis pon dh xnk tgu.. polis bwk jiha g balai..
-then ada kete polis lg 1 dah ready dpn pintu, polis suma push aq pegi masuk dlm kete, aq xnk!!! aq bukan org jht lah! bodoh! hahaha
-aq mmg mrh2 polis tuh suruh tgu kwn aq, tunggu ashraf, x fhm ke?? bape kali aq nak ckp?????
-x boleh bersabar sekejap ke????? tunggu kwn sy sampai. ;(
-tapi sume org ckp aq x btul, aq gila.. aq budak gila.. shit sakitnye hati aq arghhh!!!!!!!!!!!
-yang ashraf ni plak call cakap terlepas jalan sampai cheng.. ape ke bodohnye geramnye aq!!!
-polis dah xnk tunggu.. dia pksa aq naik kete polis, aq pun dah ada dlm kete polis, polis tgk muka aq, aq jeling je, aq benci polis tuh !!!
-aq bnci dduk dlm kete polis!! aq x suke!!! sial!!
- dah smpai balai, polis bukak kan pintu sbb tuh pintu VIP, hahahahahahah!! klakar siakkkk... hahhahaha
- then dia bagi beg2 aq, aq hempas beg2 aq, aq menjerit kat situ, sy x pernah naik kete polis! sy x pernah naik kete bodoh ni!!! aq nangis lagi.. ok memang arituh kerje aq nangis je.. g mati lah..
- polis pun konon2 nak tenagkan aq, nak buat lawak, nak bg air . hahahaa.. drama siakkkk hahahaah!
-aq pon terus masuk dlm balai.. dalam tuh bergaduh ngan jiha.. tengking2 polis.. seyesly it was the 1st time in my life, i did it!
-sape je yang tnye aq, aq mst jawab tengking2. i cant control myself from being so damn outspoken lady!! just cant!
-tiba2, polis jumpa fon aq dlm kete jiha.. wtf?? gosh.. nsb baik fon aq ada lagi..
-then polis ckp aq gila, aq ni x betul.. then aq da terangkan brape kali aq x gila! aq betul!
-org x habis2 nak mention aq gila.. aq dah serabut gila!
-aq mintak fon aq kt polis, polis xnk bg, dia cri no ayah aq, tapi dia pegi dail no ayah ziqa, memang cukup2 lah aq maki polis tuh kat situ, main call sesuka hati x tanya aq dulu
-lain kali tnya aq dulu! kalau ayah aq, aq x letak lah nama ayah ziqa! ayah org lain! jgn bodoh sgt! jgn libatkan ayh kawan aq!! tension!!!!!!
-tiba2 ashraf sampai, masa tuh aq tgh bercakap dgn polis kat luar, dpn polis jgk aq tendang si ashraf, sebab aq geram, kat situ jgk aq maki ashraf, "ko ni bodoh ke??? dah lama duduk melaka ni pon xtau jalan kat sini boleh sesat2! lambat!"
-memang x pasal2 ashraf kena.. dia pun bingung x tau ape2.
-then aq trus msuk smula dlm balai.. ashraf ikut.. polis suruh aq dduk dalam bilik soal jawab tuh,, aq mintak ashraf teman aq, tolongla masa tuh aq mmg sgt2 nak ashraf ada dkt dgn aq, aq xnk kena tgl kat situ. T_T
-kat dlm bilik tuh aq sempat lagi maki2 ashraf yang x bersalah.. kalau dia smpai cpt, xdelah aq kene tarik naik kete polis! benci!!! T_T
-i just so outspoken masa tuh, x niat pon nak maki2 org sbnrnye.. feel sory sgt dkt ashraf :'(
-then polis settlekan jiha.. then dorang dah x hiraukan aq, sebab aq sgt2 kurang hajar dgn sume org masa tuh.. polis pon pandang slek je dgn aq.. aq pon sama.
-ok, dah settle, dorang x slhkan aq, aq da bleh balik, cume tunggu ziqa sampai..
-then tunggu ayah jiha sampai amek dia.. aq pon tunggu skali sbb nak tlg explain kat ayah jiha.
-masa tuh ashraf je yg tenagkan aq, aq ajak pegi luar, sbb aq dah fed up kat dlm tuh.
-sambil tungu ziqa, aq curhat2 sikit.. :'(
-ashraf was a gud listener.. he was my bestie.. such a useful person
-aq xnk duduk sebelah ashraf sbb aq nk bersendiri, aq just cakap2 je x pndng dia sbb aq xnk :'(
-aq admit, dia memang baik =( just masa tuh aq rindu sgt kat ex aq T_T
-tapi aq sndri xtau ape yg aq cakap..
-pastu ziqa sampai.. aq dah xde mood nak cakap ape2 pon. dorang just bercakap dgn ashraf..
-polis tiba2 keluar, maybe pengarah kat situ, nampak gaya mcm pengurus besar, tapi stil aq melawan.. n ckp kasar dgn dia, sbb aq xnk org tnye ape2 pon kat aq! damn
-then aq suruh ashraf balik, aq sempat ckp sory n tanxs. aq tau dia tacing ngn aq. then dia balik..
-pastu aq nak bla... aq pegi smoke sampai kat kete, tapi ziqa n lin stil tgu dpn balai.. for wut?? herghhh.. geram sgt mse tuhh..
- aq dah terpacak kat kete dah ni.. aq nak balikkkk
-lama gila.. ziqa n lin berborak ngn polis tuh.. then aq bengang, aq trus jalan pegi msuk dalam balai smula sebab nak pegi tolong explain cerita kat ayah jiha..
-dah nhabis cerita, dan2, zahin n haki masuk dalam balai tuh, aq agak terkejut n trus bla kuar laju2 pegi kat kete, zahin tarik2 aq nak ckp ngn aq, tapi aq tepis2, aq maki2, marah2.. 
-yg penting masa tuh aq xnk tgk langsung muka haki, aq nak balik sgt2, aq btul2 xnk jumpa haki. sakit sgt T_T
-aq dah terlepas ckp mcm2 kat zahin, sampai zahin tacing gile babi..
-then aq pegi jauh dari dorang. dorang dduk2 kat sana, lin plak tenagkan aq kat sini, ziqa plak suruh aq pegi jumpa haki sekejap if ada apa2 yg aq nak ckp, sbb dorang dah dtg, n blablabla..
-n masa tuh aq mmg x pkir pasaan sesape pon, sampai ziqa pon bengang ngn aq, dia amek kete, aq tgu dia dpn balai amek aq, then aq trus msuk kete, haki n zahin lak pegi masuk dalam balai.
-haaha... maybe dorang tanya polis, tapi sebenarnya polis sendiri pon xtau wut the real things.. haha.. sbb everytime polis tnya, aq mengamuk marah2.
-n aq pon xtau ntah ape yg polis2 tuh btau kat haki n zahin..
-tiba2 masa kuar dari gate balai tuh, aq nak sgt jumpa haki even sekejap pon :'(
-then aq mintak ziqa berhenti kat shell sebelah balai tuh kejap sbb aq nak jumpa haki n zahin.
-just sebab aq rasa serba salah..
-aq call la haki n suruh dia kuar.
-then aq meet dia kejap talk n talk n talk..
-tapi just talk in NO GOOD MOOD
-no jokes, no laugh, just T.A.L.K
-just tgk muka dia T_T
-then aq pegi pujuk zahin, n zahin balas balik kat aq, aq tarik2 dia tepis, aq panggil dia elak, dia cakap dalam telefon ngan mama dia. hurmm~
-sampai dlm kete aq kejar dye, dye x hiraukan aq langsung, dia elak2.. ok fine.
-then aq rasa x guna aq pujuk. dia dah benci nak buat cmne..
-pastuh aq patah balik pegi kat kete ziqa nak balik je..
-then berselisih ngan haki, mula2 rasa mcm nak tersalam, tapi x jadi then trus bla mcm 2 je.. 
-down gila.. stress.. dlm kete.. ziqa drive laju.. ok aq tau dia marah kat aq.. 
-so dalam kete aq bertekak ngan ziqa.. 
-mula2 senyap je dlm kete, tetibe aq ckp kat ziqa kuat2, ''weh ziqa, law ko nak marah, marah aq yg kat blakang ni x pyh bwk kete laju2, pkir la adek kat depan ni" then berbalas2 tengking2, aq dah outspoken gile.. maki2 ckp babi, pegi mampos, pegi mati, sial, sume aq sebut kat ziqa.. then dia stil mumbling.. cakap aq x hargai dia.. 
-dah penat, kita senyap~
-yup. memang betul pon ckp ziqa.. dia dtg dgn lin risau kat aq, nak amek aq, aq bleh maki2 dia mcm tu., ok memang slh aq.. definitely my fault..
- cume aq x sdr mse tuh.. just ckp je ape aq nak ckp.. n x say sorry pon kat ziqa..
-balik ruma, sampai je aq trus amek tuala, amek toiletries, tapi aq terus baring n tido sampai pagi.. x mndi, x mkn..
-fon pon aq x hiraukan sbb xde bat3, stil dlm beg.
-pagi tuh baru aq cas fon.. i can feel dat my heart still crying, my eyes still wet..

actually, crte ni belum cukup detail.. haha.. i think, there's no need 2 mention abt certain things.. 
hahahhaa. just let me keep it in alone :D asta mixa :)

so now... aq rasa sume ni funny.. bodoh.... gila.. 

n i'm abt 2 find much happiness, i'm trying.. 

ape yg aq buat????
mula2 aq gelak puas2,
then aq nangis puas2..
n skunk aq puas!!

baru la puas. hahahahaha
god.. help me.. i just want 2 laugh as well