seems i'm getting out of control . feels like i'm running out of soul . i'm seeing lights . so i speaking right and breathing life . i predicted all my recent plights . i'm exhausted . trying to fall asleep . i'm lost inside my recent fight . it burdens on my shoulder, now . burning all my motors down . inspiration drying up . motivation slowing down . tired of all wardrobe changing . playing all these different spirits . living off these separate souls . point of life is getting hollow . can't wait for the exit hole . give me room to entry wound . let me in or let me go .

Dec 12, 2012

okay its been a very long long time i dint touch on my blog. its been a while, there's a really long gap i guess.. yah~ since i left blogging. err.. no! am not really left blogging, am just doing it very seldom. there's so much things i wana express here but...with a very limited time, i got no chance to write a post for every precious moment, for every joy and sorrow that i've gone thru these days and before.. there's a lot of things dat should be written here, yah. SO MUCH, its been missed out. i miss blogging .. like really, i miss telling bout my stuffs, about yahhh good bad wise stupid old young stuffs of mine .. its not like the first time am blogging, am telling almost every single thing, every good thing, every bad thing, every feelin, stupid mupid things.. nahh.. enough to tell ya dat i was bound on a fucking hectic student's life.  urmm... okay this is just an introduction actually, i'll proceed with the next post for the next story of mine. not now, maybe on the next day or maybe next week? haha .. i used to reveal things here on my blog. i got things to share about my boyfriend of course, bout my best friend so called 'ibu'. hrmm? should i?

ohh i guess am done with my intro, but i would like to end this up with a slight info bout my on-going relationship with my man, so far.. it was really really okay.. everything is just positive. :)