seems i'm getting out of control . feels like i'm running out of soul . i'm seeing lights . so i speaking right and breathing life . i predicted all my recent plights . i'm exhausted . trying to fall asleep . i'm lost inside my recent fight . it burdens on my shoulder, now . burning all my motors down . inspiration drying up . motivation slowing down . tired of all wardrobe changing . playing all these different spirits . living off these separate souls . point of life is getting hollow . can't wait for the exit hole . give me room to entry wound . let me in or let me go .

Mar 29, 2012


nice guy
he always there for me
its not abt who i know the longest, but its abt who came n never leave
he used to be in my days
i know i eventually will appreciate the one who never leave me alone
he respect me and always keep his mannerism
i dont know if he is true
i once lay my head on his shoulder and he told me he like it =)